"People often ask if I grew up here. It is the highest compliment I could ask for."
Lily Qi

Lily won a highly competitive campaign in 2018 and became the first Chinese-speaking legislator in Maryland.
Her story was featured in the Washington Post and NPR

The “Energy” of America

Born and raised in China during great unrest, Lily came alone to the States with little else but a dream to improve her odds. She landed in the middle of cornfields in Indiana—a big change from Shanghai, where she had to use a Walkman to record lectures and work several jobs between classes to complete her studies. With her young family, Lily completed two master’s degrees and built a hybrid career in higher education administration and economic development, moving across four states before settling in the Washington region where she established herself as a local government official and community leader.

In 2016, Lily became the first Asian American appointed Assistant Chief Administrative Officer in Montgomery County overseeing economic and workforce development. She has been a champion for innovation entrepreneurship and small businesses and was instrumental in establishing two public-private partnerships—BioHealth Innovation, Inc., and the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation to elevate Montgomery County’s economic competitiveness.

Lily has been actively modeling and encouraging giving back and paying forward. She writes and speaks on cultural competency and immigrant integration issues and has extensive civic engagement including as a board member of Leadership Montgomery, Suburban Hospital, and Imagination Stage. She was recognized as one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women, Person of the Year by the Greater Washington Chinese Post and recognized by the Maryland Association of Counties for her work in language access and innovation partnership.

The Diversity of America

While working at American University, Lily got to interact with students from every social, ethnic, and faith group. After witnessing the financial and social struggles of some students, Lily became involved in civil rights organizations and local community affairs, while earning her MBA and going on to become Vice President of Business Development for the Washington, DC Economic Partnership to grow economic opportunities for the capital city. She later served as spokesperson for the DC Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking and developed an award-winning consumer education and financial literacy campaign, before being tapped as a community liaison in the new Leggett Administration to engage and empower communities.
“We need to tap into that immigrant spirit – that drive to improve our lives and our communities. That’s what makes America such a special place.”

The Spirit of America

In 2016, Lily became the first Asian American appointed Assistant Chief Administrative Officer in Montgomery County, overseeing economic and workforce matters. She is a champion for growing entrepreneurship and making it easier to start and grow businesses and was instrumental in establishing BioHealth Innovation, Inc., the Economic Development Corporation, and the comprehensive economic strategy.
Lily has also been exemplary in giving back and civic involvement. She writes and speaks on community integration issues and has served on numerous boards including Leadership Montgomery, Montgomery Hospice and Suburban Hospital. Last year, Lily organized the Chinese immigrant community’s first candidate forum to connect with candidates for Maryland’s 8th Congressional district.
And she’s just getting started…


The Maryland legislature needs leaders who understand our changing community, changing economy, and local government operations to advance Montgomery County’s and Maryland’s standing, regionally and globally.


The complexity of our challenges requires all communities to participate in the democratic process. After years of promoting and facilitating civic and political engagement, I am ready to step up and help advance community integration at the next level.


A strong community requires a vibrant economy and job base. I hope to bring my understanding and appreciation for entrepreneurship and economic development to Annapolis to make sure our policies encourage investments in our industries and communities.

From a struggling immigrant to a top advisor to the County Executive, Lily has a story and journey unlike any in this election or the Maryland General Assembly. She was featured in the Washington Business Journal, Bethesda Magazine, Voice of America, China Daily, and Asian Fortune, and was recently named Maryland’s Top 100 Women 2018 by the Daily Record.
Lily was appointed the Assistant Chief Administrative Officer in Montgomery County for economic and workforce development in 2016 after serving in other capacities in the County government. She has a diverse career background that includes serving as a senior economic development official during Washington, DC’s initial transformation and revitalization, a spokesperson for DC’s financial regulatory agency, and a college administrator at several universities including American University.

Lily is also a writer and speaker on immigrant integration, cultural competency, and Asian American issues. She wrote a popular column, Qulture Matters, to encourage and facilitate civic and political engagement.

Her extensive civic involvement and community leadership includes serving on the boards of Leadership Montgomery, Commission for Women, VisArts, and the Suburban Hospital of Johns Hopkins Medicine. During the O’Malley Administration, she had the honor of chairing the Governor’s Commission on Asian American Affairs.
Economic Development

● As Vice President of the Washington, DC Economic Partnership, Lily played a critical role in business retention and retail attraction essential to the City’s revitalization and helped usher in a sense of vitality and pride.

● During her time in Montgomery County, Lily helped elevate Montgomery County’s economic competitiveness through a series of strategic initiatives.

○ Co-founded BioHealth Innovation, Inc. on behalf of Montgomery County, a public-private partnership to advance early-stage biomedical translational research and commercialization to grow innovation economy;

● Led the transition of the former Department of Economic Development to the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation , and WorkSource Montgomery to be more adaptive to market changes and community needs;

● Led the development of the Comprehensive Economic Strategy as a blueprint in advancing sustainable economic growth to build strategic industries and quality jobs;

● Championed cross-departmental efforts to improve the experience of doing business in Montgomery through an integrated business portal and improvements in services and communication;

● Raised Montgomery County leadership’s awareness of the need to be an inter-generational community and played a key role in the establishment of the Nighttime Economy Task Force that led to several improvements.

Lily has the ability and track record to build partnerships across the private and public sectors and between the local and global communities to move Montgomery and Maryland forward. Serving as an elected official would allow her to more directly affect changes to build a stronger economy and stronger community.
Community Building

● Lily was tapped by the Leggett administration to improve government effectiveness in serving and engaging the new communities.

○ Led a multilingual push for the Census 2010 count that led to Montgomery County having the highest participation rate among the capital region jurisdictions;

○ Established Montgomery County’s sister-city relationships with Xi’an (China), and facilitated global partnerships with emerging markets including Hyderabad (India) and Daejeon (South Korea);

○ Revamped Montgomery County’s policies and practices in improving services for people with limited English proficiency (LEP) that was recognized by the National Association of Counties (NACO) and the Migration Policy Institute, a national think tank;

○ Helped community-based organizations with capacity-building issues and resource needs;

○ Started Montgomery County’s official observances of Iftar and Diwali to bring diverse religious and cultural perspectives to County government;

○ Engaged the new American communities to get involved in local issues and vote in local elections.

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